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Center for Active Adults, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

About our Senior Center
At Vintage Center for Active Adults, we are guided by our mission statement: To Improve and Influence the Experience of Aging in our Community. Because, whether you are a baby boomer or approaching 90 years of age, the goals remain the same.

You want to:

  • Stay active and healthy
  • Maintain your independence
  • Pursue your interests
  • Make new friends

At Vintage, we help you meet these goals by promoting your social and physical well-being. After all, fun recreational and wellness activities help you accomplish your goals by using your mind, time, energy and talents in a positive— and productive—way.

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United Way Award for Excellence

About our Workshops

At Vintage, we have a reputation for innovation
and quality. With funding from the United Way
of Southwestern Pennsylvania,  Vintage has replicated Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.This free, 6-week workshop series is targeted to adults age 60+ who experience one or more chronic conditions.Subjects covered in the workshop include:

  • Ways to manage symptoms such as pain, fatigue
  • Appropriate exercise techniques
  • Communicating with health care professionals
  • Managing medications

In partnership with the Community College of Allegheny County, workshops are offered at a variety of locations throughout the County. Each workshop has between 10 -18 participants and sessions are led by two trained Peer Leaders, older adults who themselves have chronic conditions.

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